“Balanced Sustainability has prepared a detailed and thorough Energy Audit for our school, in preparation for the Core Module work we wished to carry out with ResourceSmart Schools initiative. Heidi Fog worked with a variety of students from grades 3-6, educating and involving them in the data gathering process. Students, teachers and administration staff were all involved in the process and had input into the detailed workings of their environment. Follow up presentations to School Council and Staff were provided by Heidi, along with work and an excursion with our newly formed ‘Green Team.’ Six months from the time of the Energy Audit we see a 24.80% (Latest saving = 39.87%) saving on our electricity bill and we have set a 40% reduction as our target. We cannot thank Heidi enough for the work she has done for our school and the passion she has passed to our school community” School Council, Fyans Park Primary School (October 2015)

Balanced Sustainability was a recipient of City of Greater Geelong’s Community Engagement Award 2015 for actively working to create a sustainable future for the Geelong region.

“Thank you Heidi for being a wonderful trainer, you delivered a fantastic workshop (Four-hours, 60 participants). The management team is looking forward to meeting with you again this Friday to discuss policy, procedures and action planning as part of our program”. Nominated Supervisor / Education Leader Trish Hurst, Bright Kids Family Day Care (March 2016)

Heidi shared many great ideas with the team about the direction we can take to become a more sustainable centre. A valuable workshop, which left us all feeling, we are on the pathway to achieving the National Quality Standard elements. Thank you Heidi, from the Ariston outdoor sustainability team”. Educator Nikki MacDonald, City Learning & Care – Ariston (April 2016)