Carbon Footprint Calculation

For the purpose of identifying the size of your impact on climate, in preparation of carbon disclosure and/or planning to carbon offsetting part or your full carbon footprint

Carbon Neutral & Carbon Credits

To enable your organisation achieve and maintain a carbon neutral claim through carbon reduction strategies and a purchase of the carbon credits that build your story

Energy Audit

Your six-step approach to proving insight into where and what consume energy in your organisation, the leads to energy reductions and the size of their potential achievements


Founder of the LIVS Program, a liveability and sustainability program delivered face to face to sole parents and soon online to everyone


Delivering the nuances of sustainability to your stakeholders with an organisation centric approach


Six months after Heidi conducted an energy audit we saw a 24% saving and across 2017 a 35% saving on our electricity bill (without solar). We are now working towards a 40% reduction.