“Delivering a carbon neutral claim to your clients is a merger between a carbon reduction strategy and carbon credits with a focus on integrity and risk”

You run a business therefore you have unavoidable carbon emission.

A purchase of carbon credits can with scale and speed offset some or your full carbon footprint and establish a carbon neutral claim. This sounds quick an easy, yet for a long lasting embedded strategy Heidi assists you in taking charge by investigating your ‘wound’ (energy and resource consumption) across which the bandaid (carbon offsetting) needs to stretch. Together we work on managing your carbon footprint and eliminating the avoidable part of your wound through carbon reduction actions, which over time reduce the required purchase of carbon credits to maintain a carbon claim. Heidi also assists you in purchasing the volume and type of carbon credits that are right for your business.

Reasons for carbon neutrality and carbon credit purchases are but not limited to:

  • Actively securing and strengthen your position on the supply chain
  • Responding to supply chain requirements for delivering a carbon reduced or carbon neutral service or product
  • Satisfying and engaging those customers looking for a more sustainable version of your products or services
  • Climate risk mitigation, for example restrain upward pressure on your insurance premium through evidence from managing your carbon footprint
  • Initiating dialog with new and current stakeholders
  • Responsible approach to reduce emissions and create economic opportunities
  • Communicating and creating exposure of your brand
  • Show of leadership
  • Minimising impact on climate
  • Inspire others to take action on climate change
  • Stimulation of the carbon market
  • In preparation of possible future carbon prices and future regulation


The reasons for carbon neutrality and carbon offsetting are diverse and we assist you in setting up the appropriate safeguards and systems in place to ensure integrity for your carbon neutral claim by:

  1. Working on defining your carbon neutral claim
  2. Carbon footprint calculating your emission sources within the boundaries of a carbon neutral claim
  3. Assist in developing carbon reduction strategies to reduce avoidable emissions before or in parallel to carbon offsetting your unavoidable emissions
  4. Working with you to interpret the carbon neutral standards in Australia and overseas to see if any of these are relevant to you
  5. Advisory on Australian and International carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint and promote your brand
  6. Brokering and assistance in purchasing carbon credits


  • Knowledge and skills of the carbon market for decision making and communication
  • The ability to disclose a reduced carbon footprint
  • Having created change at scale and speed
  • A carbon credit purchase with integrity and managed risk in support of your brand

Possibilities post carbon neutral claim

Presenting your achievements to stakeholders

Find out more today about going carbon neutral by calling Heidi on M: 0400 846 566 or email  E: info@heidifog.com.au with a request for a free written proposal.